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Top 10 Things Not To Do with Links

by Rowan on 12 June, 2011

“Hyperlinks” are probably the single most important thing on the World Wide Web. They are, after all, what the “web” is woven from; they are what makes it something more than the document retrieval systems that came before.

And yet, some people seem to do their utmost to make all the hyperlinks in their documents entirely useless. Here are my Top 10 Things Not To Do with Links…


  1. Back in the 90s, this was widely approved behaviour – people thought of the web as a collection of distinct websites, each with its own front door, and “deep linking” was considered a menace. They were wrong. []
  2. Thank you Wikipedia for both the inspiration and implementation for this example. []

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Things Not To Do with Links

  1. Thom Brown says:

    Number 8 is the bane of the web and could bring about the reintroduction of gallows.

  2. Trey Jones says:

    I’m not sure if the link to SpecGram in #9 is an insult, because we do that when we shouldn’t, or a compliment, because we offer much that makes no grammatical sense (but in a good way). Please enlighten us. We may be guilty of #1, but that’s only because most of our content has been scanned from typewritten pages.

    • Rowan says:

      Hi Trey, the link was very much intended to be complimentary – I thought links to dummy pages would be a bit dull, so decided to reward those who explored them with corners of the web that I have enjoyed. It didn’t actually occur to me that it might be interpreted in the way you mean, so apologies for any inadvertent offence. :)

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