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Top 10 Things Not To Do with Links

by Rowan on 12 June, 2011

“Hyperlinks” are probably the single most important thing on the World Wide Web. They are, affter all, what the “web” is woven from; they are what makes it something more than the document retrieval systems that came before.

And yet, some people seem to do their utmost to make all the hyperlinks in their documents entirely useless. Here are my Top 10 Things Not To Do with Links…

The Case for a better Switch

by Rowan on 8 August, 2009

The C-style switch-case construct – used in various programming languages, including PHP – is a curious beast. Most commonly used as a streamlined form of if-elseif-else, it actually has more in common with the oldest of control statements, the goto, since control jumps to the first match and carries on until you tell it to […]