Goodbye Burgess Hill!

After 5 years of the slow and often stressful commute, my office finally moves from Burgess Hill to Brighton this weekend. (( In fact, what with POETS day and me being on holiday, this is a bit late – but 17:30 on the Friday seems an appropriate moment to say goodbye )).

So, it’s Goodbye Burgess Hill!

  • Goodbye to the 07:57 Southern Service to London Victoria — and goodbye to the crowded 08:18 when I missed it!
  • Goodbye to “the delayed 18:09 service” home, and the confusing service to Seaford, Eastbourne, and Ore (( “Eastbourne and/or what?” ))
  • Goodbye “customers for Glynde, Berwick, Cooksbridge, or Plumpton”, who weren’t always travelling in the correct part of the train.
  • Goodbye to Wivelsfield station, and the steep walk into town.
  • Goodbye to the young families of Noel Rise, who greeted me each morning — and who grew up before my eyes!
  • Goodbye to the headless eagle, the milk depot, and the dewy spider-webs on the fence — but goodbye too to the constant digging of the road!
  • Goodbye to the Martletts, and Market Place
  • Goodbye to the sandwich shops, the greengrocer’s stall, and the 50p bookshop
  • Goodbye to the Post Office, and churchyard
  • Goodbye to the park, with its abstract modern sculpture, its muddy fields, and its basketball hoop
  • Goodbye to the Railway, the Jacob’s, & the Potter’s
  • Goodbye Disco Carpets, and hairdressers downstairs
  • Goodbye to you all – maybe I’ll come and visit someday. But then again, maybe not. ;)

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  1. Deb Collins

    Hey Ro – just read this. I like it!
    I always wave to Wivelsfield as I trundle through.

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