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Reasons to support same-sex marriage – the short version!

by Rowan on 10 July, 2012

I’m quite pleased with my blog post about why legalising same-sex marriage is the only logical option. It took me ages to finish, and I think it’s quite thorough. But at over three thousand words long, it’s not exactly bite-sized! So here I present its boiled down essence, in the form of an imaginary dialog1. […]

Why legalising same-sex marriage is the only logical option

by Rowan on 8 July, 2012

Ever since a friend posted a quote on Facebook from this article about same-sex marriage by Archbishop John Sentamu, I’ve had a lengthy analysis and response drifting through my mind. The government consultation ended on the 14th of June, and they’ve indicated they intend to press ahead with legalisation, but the debate is still very […]