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Rowan blogged in N femtoseconds time

by Rowan on 22 January, 2018

When trying to make things “user friendly”, a lot of good ideas seem to get subjected to Chinese Whispers or Cargo Cult treatment, and end up either counter-productive, or at least unnecessarily annoying. One such idea is formatting dates and times as easy-to-read relative terms, like “5 minutes ago”, or “yesterday”. It makes everything look […]

Towards a consistent PHP type checking system

by Rowan on 16 October, 2016

For most of its life, PHP has been a “weakly” typed language: values can freely shift from one state to another, and mould themselves to what an operation requires; or, in the case of objects, largely duck-typed: you don’t need a formal contract to call a method. There is, however, a trend in the language […]

Cached Redirects Considered Harmful (and how browsers can fix them)

by Rowan on 9 October, 2011

There are a lot of URLs out there on the Web; and a pretty big number of those URLs are either alternative names for something, or old locations that have been superseded. So “redirects” from one URL to another are a common feature of the web, and have been for many years. But recently, the […]

Why object references are confusing, and what to do about it

by Rowan on 15 August, 2010

A recent blog post from my old friend Phil1 discussed some of the gotchas of parameter passing in object-oriented languages – or I suppose specifically in partially OO languages, since the problem in this case was a combination of objects and structs in C#. It seems to me there is a genuine problem here, beyond […]