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Reasons to support same-sex marriage – the short version!

I’m quite pleased with my blog post about why legalising same-sex marriage is the only logical option. It took me ages to finish, and I think it’s quite thorough. But at over three thousand words long, it’s not exactly bite-sized!

So here I present its boiled down essence, in the form of an imaginary dialog (( and using my favourite under-used HTML element, the definition list 8) )). It follows the same order as the original post, so if you want the details on any of these points, please look over there before arguing with them.
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Why legalising same-sex marriage is the only logical option

Ever since a friend posted a quote on Facebook from this article about same-sex marriage by Archbishop John Sentamu, I’ve had a lengthy analysis and response drifting through my mind. The government consultation ended on the 14th of June, and they’ve indicated they intend to press ahead with legalisation, but the debate is still very much alive. To my mind, equalisation of marriage seems entirely sensible, and those objections to it not based on outright prejudice are missing some crucial logical point. This is obviously just my opinion, but I’m going to attempt to back it up with some thorough logical analysis below.

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Piracy, Morality, Ted & Alice

I’ve always been very suspicious of the piracy statistics put out by what you might call the “IP industry” – big software, music, and movie companies and lobby groups. So it’s gratifying to see Ben Goldacre demolishing the latest claim that piracy is “costing £billions”. Summary: they guessed the figures, then “accidentally” multiplied them by 10 before telling the press.

But it led me into some other discussions about piracy, such as Greg Pyes’ defence of the “piracy = stealing” argument, and got me thinking about the complexity of when “piracy” is actually immoral (as opposed to illegal) .

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