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Rowan blogged in N femtoseconds time

by Rowan on 22 January, 2018

When trying to make things “user friendly”, a lot of good ideas seem to get subjected to Chinese Whispers or Cargo Cult treatment, and end up either counter-productive, or at least unnecessarily annoying. One such idea is formatting dates and times as easy-to-read relative terms, like “5 minutes ago”, or “yesterday”. It makes everything look […]

How Mozilla completely dropped the ball with Quantum and WebExtensions

by Rowan on 14 November, 2017

Today sees the official release of Firefox 57, also known as “Project Quantum”, a major rewrite of key parts of the browser. With it comes a new, incompatible, extensions API, and I (mostly) understand why. But on launch day, users will find about 3 in 4 extensions simply don’t work, and Mozilla’s planning for this […]